Teeth Cleaning

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In teeth cleaning, the dental plaque is removed from the teeth along with a specified focus on getting rid of cavities, gingivitis and other tooth problems. Teeth cleaning forms to be one of the fine mechanisms by which one gets to effectively maintain his or her oral hygiene.

Milestone’s expertise in Teeth Cleaning

Let us familiarise ourselves with the service procedure undergone by Milestone Dental Care in Teeth Cleaning because building an acquaintance with what happens in the process of Teeth cleaning helps you gain confidence in our service.

  1. Our dentists initiates the process by taking a physical exam of your full mouth.
  2. Extraction of Plaque and Tartar. (Tartars are that dense deposits that silhouette the teeth and gums and further gives rise to plaque).
  3. The dentist then brushes the entire set of teeth with a highly robust electric brush.
  4. A well-improvised proficient flossing session followed by rinsing.
  5. The process of Teeth cleaning is concluded by the application of fluoride treatment.


The Guarantee that we give 

With Milestone’s improved techniques and versatile working measures, we assure you these following benefits that you will definitely acquire after opting for our teeth cleaning services.

  1. Sometimes the texture of teeth can get hugely affected by various food and drinks. One of them primarily being Coffee which causes tooth stains. So our teeth cleaning services make sure that you have stain-free and healthy teeth. 
  2. It also leads to a fundamental enhancement of teeth gums.
  3. Gum diseases prevail very commonly nowadays. Our teeth cleaning service acts as an armour against gum disease.

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Procedure and Process Treatment

Our Procedure and Process Treatments are supremely outlined with the values of perfection and sincerity. The top four quality service that maintains and runs the whole treatment procedure would be:

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1. Consultations

Our consultation sessions act as a guide toward learning the patient the prerequisites and other important factors of dental care.
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2. Check Up

Orderly check-up sessions are carried in accordance with the respective assigned medical schedule of the patient.
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3. Treatments

Treatments with high-tech equipment, well-skilled staff etc, are delivered at their best potential to our patients.
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4. Recovery

The period within which a patient regains possessions of a normal and healthy physical state of the body and mind is fairly specific and accurate.

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