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Because your smile is our passion.

Milestone Dental Care is a well-founded diversified dental speciality clinic situated in the town of Siliguri, West Bengal. It minutely emphasizes effective dental services via its refined techniques that lead to a fine line of confidence and trust among its patients.

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What We Offer

We offer a fluent line of dental services that’s enhanced with a modernised approach toward perfection and patient satisfaction. Go Ahead and take a look at our wondrous services.

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Teeth Cleaning

The dental plaque is rigorously removed from the teeth with the usage of the latest tooth scaling and polishing techniques.

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Dental Fillings

Rejuvenates a healthy tooth via various measures of tooth preparation, direct and indirect restorations etc.

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Teeth Braces

A righteous alignment of the tooth with the patient's bite and rightfully mends tooth gaps too!

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The mechanism via which it articulates the bone of the jaw or the skull to reconstruct the tooth defect, is just perfect.

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Brightens the colour of teeth to a whitheous and healthy appearance.

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Tooth Extraction

Removal of the teeth from the tooth socket on the jaw bone in an innovative fashion.

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Beautifully redesigns the whole geometry of mal-functioning teeth.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Our Pediatric Dentists are dedicated to the perfect refinement of a healthy tooth in children from infancy to the teen stage.

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Root Canal Treatment

The infected pulp of the tooth is treated with RCT that leads to the elimination of damaging parts of the tooth.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

With a proficient rebuilding of the entire set of teeth, FMR offers patients to acquire a full set of healthy teeth!

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Laser Surgery

With the use of quality acclaimed lasers, our dentists medicate different dental conditions with utter perfection.

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

By wonderfully performing the face, facial, head, neck and oral cavity reconstruction, we minutely conduct this treatment.


Call us Right away to avail of help from our emergency services!

Why Choose Us

Caring for all your family’s dental needs.

More than a technical staff that consists of people from different dental domains who work in the same premise, we are a team that operates as one unified unit and is determined to undergo a dental specialised task force every day.
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Certified Clinic

We are certified with the highest standard of quality dental care. Perfection aligned with good hygienic care of teeth is excellently certified to the patients.


New Age Dental Treatments equipped with high-tech infrastructure, Intricate Orthodontic Interventions and extremely qualified accessory staffs at your service 24*7.


We foster a righteous professional environment whose goal is to provide a wholesome dental treatment to its patients at its best value. Our commitment is always met with A-listed results.

Caring Doctors

A righteous happy support from every of our staff members while you undergo your treatment which results in the creation of a caring and pleasing environment within the premise of Milestone Dental Care.


Frequently Ask Questions

This is my first dental appointment, how do I stay calm? Should I take all my twenty dental prescriptions or should I just stick to my recent five? Well, when it comes to dental check-ups and dental treatments, various questions arise in our minds along with tension. And we at Milestone get that. So we present to you a set of commonly asked dental questions and their answers that will finely resolve your doubts and queries. Read On! 

The first appointment is like the starting of a day. If the day starts out great then the whole day automatically goes on with super-productivity and bliss. So, it's always better to arrive a bit early on your first appointment for a good start of an effective service experience plus you won't have a tension planted in your mind of missing it.

For premedication, scheduling an appointment prior to the main appointment is highly recommended. So, if you require premedication, book a before appointment at your earliest convenience.

The previous dental prescriptions from other dental enterprises if you have any. Maybe a simple chart of your dental history (it is required for patients with serious dental problems). A mentioned listicle of sweet foods that are consumed every day for patients with a sweet tooth and serious cavities. A list of all types of food and drinks consumed for patients with other dental problems.

Well, that entirely depends on the severity of the person’s dental health and the dental problem caused. Can range between few months.

So that when you smile, a firm linning of confidence and happiness gets reflected from it because you are having a complete set of healthy and whitheous teeth and how did this magic happen to your teeth?! Because you went to the dentist!

Lessen on the consumption of high sugar enriched candies, brush with a supreme sincerity and regularity, keeping a constant check on your cavity risk level by regularly opting for dental exams and above all visit your dentist at a systematic pace. 


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