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The mechanism via which Milestone Dental Care articulates the bone of the jaw or the skull to reconstruct the tooth defect is just perfect. The basic phenomenon that governs today’s Implant procedure is called Osseointegration. In this theory, Titanium plays a major role in building up a swift bond with the bone.

Milestone’s expertise in Implants

Let us familiarise ourselves with the service procedure undergone by Milestone Dental Care in Teeth Implants because having a brief idea about what happens in the process of Implants helps you have firm confidence and belief in our service.

  1. Extraction of the tooth: Our dentists extract the tooth in an atraumatic fashion which lessens the tissue damage.
    Note: We give special attention to taking minute care of the buccal plate and surrounding bone.
  2. Implantation of the socket which eases the entire procedure of Dental Implants.
  3. Then the implantation zone of the socket is granted a specified time to heal.
  4. Placement of the Implant with the working mechanism of Flapless Surgery is engulfed.
  5. A Cover Screw known as Healing Abutment is used in the previous step 4.

The Guarantee that we Give

The Dental Implant service that you receive from Milestone is amazingly effective. So mentioned below are some of the benefits that you will receive after undergoing an Implant treatment in Milestone Dental Care.

  1. The defective teeth will feel like an all-new one because after the Implant it looks like a natural tooth.
  2. Our Implants are quite affordable!

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Procedure and Process Treatment

Our Procedure and Process Treatments are supremely outlined with the values of perfection and sincerity. The top four quality service that maintains and runs the whole treatment procedure would be:

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1. Consultations

Our consultation sessions act as a guide toward learning the patient the prerequisites and other important factors of dental care.
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2. Check Up

Orderly check-up sessions are carried in accordance with the respective assigned medical schedule of the patient.
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3. Treatments

Treatments with high-tech equipment, well-skilled staff etc, are delivered at their best potential to our patients.
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4. Recovery

The period within which a patient regains possessions of a normal and healthy physical state of the body and mind is fairly specific and accurate.

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